Tuesday 16 December 2014


I have always viewed bluebird buses to be a better level of service, from providing change to the customer and great rates, to having heating on in the winter time. I find it a service of quality and I feel this design represents a forward looking business in pursuit of quality. The design itself draws on the romantic shapes and design associated with the travel brands of the past but it has a level of precision that keeps it ever in the present.

This piece takes on many forms and always keeps the viewer engaged; from the distinctive V shape reminiscent of the tail section of the original logo this gave the design a sense of speed and purpose like a directional arrow or a bird in flight. That same shape also mimics the coastline of the northeast, the area in which the bluebird buses operate. The real gem in this design is the subtle profile of the bluebirds head found in the negative space of the design, creating something that once seen can never be unseen. I chose to use two of the brands existing shades of blue. I combined these blues into a gradient to create a sense of momentum, a build-up of energy that brings the design to life. Overall I feel the whole design has a timeless iconic quality to it and will work well across a full range of applications.

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