Thursday 14 April 2011


Saw the advert for some new rather smelly Glade product, but what i noticed was Glades new logo. The new design is so much more simple than the previous design. This new cleaner look is so much more appealing, clean design for a cleaning product.


More variations on the Assalto Alpino concept. I wanted to create a flowing single design that evokes the italian mountains.

Tuesday 12 April 2011


Today at work i bought some apple juice at lunch. The particular brand was Just juice, what caught my attention was the packaging and how it stated the 100% purity of the juice and i instantly found it ironic whilst observing the cluttered in your face appearance of its graphics. I feel that something like the above image would be more in line with the ethos of the brand, a kind of "less is more" vibe. I feel that packaging like the Pepsi Raw bottles are a great example, it emphasizes the raw unrefined nature of the product it carries.

Monday 11 April 2011


I spotted this poster the other day for the oscar winning film The Social Network which if you havent seen you must. What really caught my attention was this beautiful fot used in the poster, its called Futura and its simplicity is a direct result of the fact that all the glyphs are made up of basic geometries such as triangles, squares and circles. I really like this font especially the precise sharpness of the letter "N" in upper case.

Thursday 7 April 2011


I quickly put these together in photoshop to show the de-evolution of the Marlboro packaging. I really like how pure the design becomes, as long as the design features the red with white chevron design it remains distinctively marlboro.


I was sifting through the inter tubes and found an image of the iconic Marlboro red pack. Now im not a smoker i am a designer and it is technically an addiction of some sorts. The reason i have posted this is because i personally think that the Marlboro red packet is a design classic and although i appreciate the importance of the health warnings i do feel they are in some ways a blight on a classic piece of graphic design. In the news of late i heard that the health authorities are thinking of removing all types of graphic from cigarette packaging. There are some designers who have tried to to design new types of packaging design but i think this could be a really interesting brief for designers to undertake.

Friday 1 April 2011


I did a quick sketch for this outcome at work. I have finally had the time to create what i think is a really slick mock up. It is inspired by the hairpin turns found on the Stelvio pass, Italy. Hope you like, please leave feedback.