Monday 7 June 2010


The final outcome.


These are some images of the process involved in the creation of the plastic clips. These clips are critical to the final outcomes function.


I have decide on a method that requires a lot of work. I have decide to manually lathe each pin from aluminium rod. What i found amazing about the lathe was the precision you can achieve. The process is long and each pin took about 45 minutes to make.


After the failed attempt at wax casting the pins i decided to turn to j-cast which is kinda like plastic. I casted the brass master pin in RTV (LATEX) in order to create a mould for the j-cast. The j-cast went ok ish its a good material to work with because you can colour it. The j-cast is quite fragile so i have decided to lathe the pins from aluminium.


I aim to use the brass master pin in the final design however i also want to create aluminium pins too. I use the brass pin to create a rubber mould that would allow me to cast wax multiples for firing in the kiln. The wax is melted out and replaced with molten aluminium. Big problem however the wax models are really fragile and keep breaking.

I need to find a better method.


I posted earlier about my attempts at milling a brass pin to re-enforce the plastic clips. This idea was inspired by the brooch pin used on kilts. It is a simple solution that i want to incorporate into my final design.


This is an early prototype for the clips that re-enforce the plastic clip. I used spring steel to allow for flexibility and to allow the metal clip to maintain its form.

Monday 17 May 2010


A few more images of renders i created on vray for my final concept.

Monday 10 May 2010


A renders of the possible clip pin outcome. The idea behind this one is that there is a master pin that perforates the felt and the others are plastic which hold the clip together.

Wednesday 5 May 2010


My lecturer Geoff is helping me to Mill from solid brass a prototype that will hopefully be used in casting of the final concept which will be made from Aluminium.


Some images of the prototype clasp for the modular panels. I made this object using the rapid prototyping machine in the workshop.

Saturday 1 May 2010

Business Card

This is the graphic i will be using on my Business cards for the new designers expo in london. The graphic is derived from the template pattern found in my modular concept.

Friday 23 April 2010


Above is an image of a kilt pin. I posted this because its simplicity has really inspired me to modify my clips in order to re-enforce the structure. I hope to create something that is both simple to use and its form must highlight its function.


Two images of my prototype modular suit this one however features sleeves.

Saturday 17 April 2010


Above are some images from the photo shoot with Stewart at Grays.

Thursday 8 April 2010


These are some images of my prototype modular tiles constructed into a big but by no means completed roof like shelter. The skeletal exterior creates a tight and rigid roof structure.


Above is another image of my prototype this time some of the tiles are printed with some step by step help to CPR. The process of printing onto felt was difficult and i have made notes on making the process smoother next time round.

Friday 2 April 2010


Images of my hybrid backpack and hood concept.


Above are images of the end object created by a fellow student featured in the video posted before. The final object is a sleeping cot for a baby. I actually think this design is better than the initial one i came up with. What i like about these objects being modular is the possibilities that can be imagined by the user.

Wednesday 31 March 2010


A quick video made today showing a fellow pupil assembling some of my prototype modular hexagonal tiles.

music by Bishop Allen

Thursday 25 March 2010


Above are more images of another combination my modular clothing can make. my favorite aspect about this concept is the ability to disassemble one form and re-assemble another. It is this aspect that i feel will benefit the user to construct basic shelter or create bedding even storage. In this prototype i have created another outfit and a carrier for a baby to sleep in.