Thursday 31 December 2009


Above is an image of the Glue Jeans by the design group DROOG. I posted these images after a conversation with my tutor Geoff about this design. It has really inspired me for my project. The glue jeans are normal jeans that are glued at the seams instead of stitched this makes the user more aware of the function of the object so if the jeans are damaged the user can instinctively glue them back together. I want to create an object thats form is its function and an object that leaves the user to use their imagination when creating solutions.

Sunday 6 December 2009


I am currently reading this book for my research?development part of my project. The book features images of homemade contraptions and tools made during the height of the soviet union. The objects aesthetically are not very pleasing but they are some of the best examples of product design because the creators have identified a need and addressed it with a simple but efficient outcome. What really appeals to me about this book is the conditions that these folk artifacts have been created conditions like poverty lack of resources, conditions that survivors of a disaster might face.