Thursday 26 November 2009


For further research for my project i am looking at varying materials that have suitable properties for my intended out come. Copper is a material that has come to my attention recently whilst watching a documentary about the Dead Sea Scrolls. One part of this ancient hebrew texts found was a scroll of religious text made entirely out of copper. This material is soft enough that any person can simply engrave what they want onto it which is why it caught my attention. Also it protects itself from corrosion much like aluminum and as material cost goes it is not to expensive. I hope to post images of experiments with copper.

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Got the love?

Above is the video i promised to post of the probe pack being done. Yes i know it is me carrying out the task that is simply because i was unable to find anyone to participate in my probe because i have been busy with with training for my new job.


Thursday 12 November 2009

Give Steve an A

Above is my latest video to research weather or not a person can be told how to cook using only
visual instruction ( pictograms) enjoy.


Above is a photo of a probe pack to aid the next person in my research videos. The pack contains strictly visual instructions on how to create basic hunting tools based on examples of prison shanks (crafty knives) normally these weapons are used for...well murders but its the actual craftsmanship that appeals to me these weapons are created under limited resources and there need is great. These needs are the same needs that my concept must address. Perhalps these objects could be altered to be used as hunting tools.

Video up ASAP.

Friday 6 November 2009


This is a corrugated steel fallout shelter from 1962. This shelter can supposedly protect its inhabitants from a nuclear holocaust...hmm these shelters would have come in kits costing $150 in materials. What interests me that by todays standards this all seems OTT (over the top) however in 1962/63 nuclear disaster was not a far fetched possibility. It gives me hope for my potential concept that i am not over reacting to the possibilities of a climate change disaster.

Thursday 5 November 2009


Above are images of the World War 2 German observation bunkers located on the French coast. What always attracted me to these structures are the sense of purpose they have. These structures were created for the German armies worst case scenario the allies invasion of France it is this fear that drove the bunkers designers to create structure that can last. I can really relate to this sense of purpose that these bunkers have and i hop that my final outcome can carry the same sense of purpose.

Tuesday 3 November 2009


Above is the first of two videos of myself creating my own shelter in the woodlands surrounding Gray's. I found the experience achievable but still difficult at times especially
cutting branches with an axe. I hope to get the second part of the video done soon however the
river is still high, DAMN CLIMATE CHANGE!

Sunday 1 November 2009

How do records work

For research i am looking at the many existing methods that we use for storing information. This post is about explaining as simply as possible how a record works so here goes... Sound is made of waves, these waves are cut into records as grooves. Based on the amplitude and frequency, the groove changes. A needle runs in this groove and transfers the vibrations to a diaphragm. From here a preamp picks up the sound and amplifies it to a level that is reasonable for the stereo to reproduce. The stereo amplifies this signal to whatever volume your choose.