Friday 18 September 2009


Thinking about the preservation of important information relating to our generation of the human race has got me wondering about what is considered to be important. When i was first thinking about it texts like the Magna Carta or our system of law are what come to mind. However maybe what we should be preserving is something as simple as Soap...yep soap has played an important part in shaping our civilization. It was Sigmund Freud who said that "Soap is the yardstick of civilisation"


When thinking about artifacts and great relics what come to my head first is the Monolith from Arthur C Clarks  2001 A Space Odyssey. The mysterious obsidian black rectangle is a fictional artifact from an advanced alien race that store there knowledge of technology into the Monolith this artifact in the film meets man at a pivotal moment in our evolution and its the the Monolith that teaches us to use tools. My Idea for designed artifacts s similar in as much as maybe in two thousand or so years maybe my objects might help to re-educate mankind in some dystopian Mad Max like world.