Sunday, 30 August 2009


Recent scientific studies are underway into understanding the plight facing Bees across the world. Millions of honey Bees worldwide are simply disappearing with little or no trace. Our hard working little friends have become affected with what scientists are calling CCD or Colony Collapse Disease. The problem facing the human population is the mass pollination of fruit bearing plants , bees do this task every day for free however in parts of china where Bees have been whipped out by pesticides humans have had to take over the duties of pollination costing governments billions of pounds and thousands of man hours.

It was Einstein who claimed that without Bees the Human race would have but only 4 years left.

The Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone is a Stone tablet that has inscribed on it three ancient languages. In 1814 it was translated by briton Thomas Young. The stone tells us of the rituals surrounding ancient Egyptian religious ceremonies. The tablet has given historians an insight into the workings of the high priest day to day life. I was always interested in the Rosetta Stone ever since my primary 4 school project on the Egyptians. It got me thinking about what objects we have left behind for whoever or what ever inherits our planet and do they really echo our thoughts and feeling at that time. Perhaps as a would be designer i could create objects that enable future generations a better glimpse into our world.