Wednesday 17 June 2009

Subliminal Repetition

Looking at subliminal messaging and realising that by simply repeating a phrase or even graphics you can teach the viewer without the viewer feeling overwhelmed. What got me thinking about this method of learning was the observations of Native tribal populations and how they were so intune with thier environment in terms of there understanding of local botany and the terrain. Recently i was in London and trying to get to grips with the metro system was rather difficult however like all things after repetition you beging to learn the locations and stops. I wonder if through subliminal messaging and repetition in the urban environment populations can be more in tune with the area without feeling like they have to learn. Although the argument against will be "we already have t.v screens" and " what about posters!" i agree that they work but i fel that subliminal repetition could be more effective and more intrusive but at the same time less intrusive.

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