Tuesday 16 June 2009

Subliminal Messages

For my research for a pottential idea for fourth year i have been looking into Subliminal messaging as a carry on from looking at information. Subliminal messaging put simply is a way of encoding messages that carry meaning into advertising, surfaces or even products themselves. This information is processed subconciously and the viewer is often unaware of its effects. Often online you can find examples that feature the word SEX yes! the big nasty. The reason for this is sex often carries feelings of satisfaction and enjoyment that the viewer will apply to the brand or product. This all seems so powerfull and intrusive however it takes repetition over time to be conditioned. I believe that this technique could be used to apply messages that educate the viewer about issues relating to the product or even the state of world.
The example above is take from an Australian coke advert which features a tiny image hidden in the ice cubes. The erotic image i believe is used to associate feelings of enjoyment with coke, also the words "FEEL THE CURVES" fit perfectly with the image.

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