Monday 1 June 2009

Information Decoration

For a possible idea for my fourth year self directed project i am looking into Information visualisation. I wanted to look into the possible application of turning statistical information into something visual then creating something tangible. I want to see if information can be created into decoration that has a relevance to the product it adorns. I also find that this relevant decoration has striking simmilarities to hieroglyphs in the way they both echo tales of the objects story or use. My idea could possibly be statistical decoration that reflects the carbon impact of the object for example.

I will post back soon.

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Steph said...

ooo I really love it when designers tey this sort of thing. in my dissertation I want to cover how we can make digital information tangible through product design. let's just say it a working progress right now.

Here is a graduate from a few years ago. He was working on how we can make the information of a patient who has just been diagnosed with cancer understand what is happening. He made a video that made everything tangible by being visible.