Thursday 30 April 2009

Self Directed (Real world/2D3D)

Above are images of my rendered rhino models of the socket cover which i have edited and projected onto the wall next to real world socket. By playing about with the perspectives i managed to get the 2d projection to appear 3d. I like the result of something truly digital from conception remaining digital but passing off as near real world. This aspect ties in with my idea of remaking the handmade using digital methods such as flash, illustrator, Rhino and rapid prototyping systems. I intent to use the flash transition images to create digitally printed fabric. Taking a digital image animating it to grow then  freezing that growth taking the form turning it into 3d or creating a digital pattern then using a computer system to print that pattern onto fabric this method encapsulates remaking the handmade.

Wednesday 29 April 2009

Self Directed (Rhino Mockups)

Above are some rendered rhino mock ups of potential outcomes. The form i have extruded is the shapes i received from the transitions found in my flash video earlier in the project. The idea behind these mock ups is that they are meant to appear as if they are growing off the surface they reside on.

Self Directed (Tactile Decoration)

For my final concept for decorative baby proofing i want to create an object that protects a child from harming his or herself, but i also want to create an object that can be welcoming. I know it sounds ridiculous but decoration or ornate fixture are often to children made out to be forbidden and that they should never touch them. For my final concept i have chosen to look at silicone, Latex and foam rubber for the final material. I want my decorative products to be grabbed twisted and chewed on if need be. I hope to create decorative practical objects that want to be touched and that perhaps attract the children not to the things the objects conceal but to the object itself.

Monday 27 April 2009


Above is an image of the company logo i made for our groups business module. The business is a fresh fruit drinks company the idea of freshness is what inspired the logo. I wanted to create a logo that was young and going against the grain hence the graffiti/tag feel. I am extremely happy with the outcome. I know its a fake business but i just thought id post it so you fine folks can take a gander.

Thursday 23 April 2009

Self Directed (Decoration, application and object)

Above is a quick video i made using stop motion photography. The video was a way of visualizing the growth of basic decoration in this case lego. I have chose the corner of my desk which is an area of importance in my project for the baby proofing. I used lego because of its links with children but more importantly i needed to do this in the real world without using flash.

Music by Graham Coxon.

Self Directed (Areas of importance)

Above are images of the key areas in the household that i want to focus on improving aesthetically the already existing baby proofing products targeted at these key area. I have also chosen these areas because the existing methods of baby proofing in my opinion although practical are not pleasing to the eye and do not elevate the object they are placed on.
I aim to try and solve these problems whilst at the same time finding a way to keep the baby proofing tools decorative and pleasing to the eye.

Tuesday 21 April 2009

Self Directed (Baby proofing)

Every year millions of people baby proof their homes due to the arrival of a new child. By baby proofing we cover our day to day objects and our environments with small objects that try to create a much more safer home for children. However these safety creating objects have no beauty or form that is desirable to the eye. The concept of plastering objects in what i like to call prosthetics that increase safety is similar to decoration however these prosthetics have a more practical function than decoration. Throughout my project i have been thinking about baby proofing because of its ties to decoration and i feel that baby proofing is the way forward for my project.

Tuesday 14 April 2009

Self Directed (application)

The video above is of the living decoration growing on a lamp. The video is to show the growth and the way the growth has applied itself to the form.

Thursday 9 April 2009

Self Directed (Projections)

Above are images taken during a visual experiment into applying decoration to day to day objects by using Adobe illustrator i simply drew the shapes onto the objects. I draped a cloth over a table onto which i projected a series of baroque florals i also projected onto a standard plastic office chair. The hope is that decoration can elevate our perceptions of a mundane object. The next step is to animate these designs and project them onto objects hopefully animated decoration will create a sense of life and purpose in the decoration.

Wednesday 1 April 2009

One step closer

Just a quick post found it today on the net. My Krama Idea was chosen as an article on the design website Apartment Therapy. Other websites such as Business Week, Geekadelphia, PDF microzine, Unpluggd  and CORE77 have featured my concept. One step closer to world domination.