Monday, 23 March 2009

Self directed (high end low end )

This post is about the similarities and differences between high end decadence and low end imitation decadence. Through out fashion and design there have always been imitations of high end goods a great example of this has to be the high amount of Louis Vuitton imitation bags there are on the market some good some not so good. These imitations exist because people want to have nice things and to live the high life. But perhaps there is a deeper more cultural link, when you take into account the imitation Neo-classical designs that exist maybe they exist because people are looking to the past, honoring their ancestry or a wish for a return to better times. Maybe people want to be apart of history or feel like they are at least or maybe they just want to feel like tehy own an artifact of history. Take the tacky imitation Greek garden pots for example, the Greeks were among the greatest thinkers in history perhaps this perception of Greece has not changed for thousands of years and to this day we place these pots in our gardens as an homage to their brilliance.

In my project i must keep this concept of looking to the good old days close at hand throughout.

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