Sunday 15 March 2009


Above are my two winning  boards that i submitted to the NCR chief designer for the joint design competition between Dundee's Duncan of Jordanstone 3rd year product designers and the infamous Grays school of art product designers. The final concept was a web based application for IKEA however the application could be adapted for many different furniture retailers. Basically its a web based application that allows the user to select his or her car both make and model and  then select the items of furniture they intend on buying before the visit or the items of furniture they have bought after the visit. The computer then calculates the best combination and order in which the boxes should be packed into the car this would be shown visually as a flash animation and also the user could print off a step by step guide on the best way to pack his or her car for that specific trip to IKEA. The hope is that a better packed a car  will free up what i like to call stowaway space for those odd impulse buys such as a 4ft tall cactus (thanks mum). A better packed car also prevents needless store to home deliveries that increase your carbon footprint. 

Krama ( Swedish word for squeeze )


Anonymous said...

just saw this on core77 - brilliant - would reduce the ikeaSTRESS

Anonymous said...

kramar and its conjunctives, kram, krama, etc are more commonly used in reference to the word hug.

hugs a plenty you shall receive for this!

puss och kramar
(kisses and hugs)

even-star said...

I was disappointed that this was only a concept. Wanted to try it out!

Perhaps a second phase of development could include the facilty to enter your IQ and any professional or educational qualifications (combined or single)? To determine if you are going to be able to put together the particular items you want to buy.

Seriously. The last thing we got from IKEA did NOT look like the picture in the catalogue when we were done with it.