Sunday 1 February 2009

Termites, Thermoregulation and shopping?

The top image is an image of a termite mound these mounds are dotted all over Australia and can be found in Africa. Although they look like a mound of earth these structures are extremely well engineered  to regulate the interior from hot to cold and vise versa. This process is called Thermoregulation. Termites are renowned architects that use only saliva and mud to create a labyrinth  of tunnels that cool these giant mound in the baking Australian sun.
The next image is of the East gate Shopping Centre  in downtown Harare, Zimbabwe. This building is unique in as much as it has utilized the same ventilation  method that termites have been using for millions of years. I find it important to always approach natures method design first as it is often a proven method that has been working for millions of years.

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