Friday, 27 February 2009

Dr Jason Box has and idea...

Dr. Jason Box, a glaciologist from Ohio State University, wants to prevent glaciers from melting by covering them with blankets that will reflect the powerful rays of the sun. Box is convinced that his specially chosen material is resilient enough for Arctic conditions, but just how indestructible is it really? The team goes airborne to reproduce some of the worst weather experienced in the Arctic Circle: a hurricane-force ice storm. After testing, they deploy a 10,000-square-yard, reflective geo-textile blanket on the Greenland ice sheet. Will the blanket indeed reflect the sun and block the wind?

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suparno said...

Sir , i just completed my in Biotechnology and i have one idea that can prevent the melting the Glaciers. It can also helps to minimize the ozone holes. If we develop an recombinant microorganism (Permafrost) that can change the water into ice than we can prevent the melting of ice.

If i get your E-mail than i can send uyou the detail idea and i would like to do my P.hd work on that.