Thursday 31 December 2009


Above is an image of the Glue Jeans by the design group DROOG. I posted these images after a conversation with my tutor Geoff about this design. It has really inspired me for my project. The glue jeans are normal jeans that are glued at the seams instead of stitched this makes the user more aware of the function of the object so if the jeans are damaged the user can instinctively glue them back together. I want to create an object thats form is its function and an object that leaves the user to use their imagination when creating solutions.

Sunday 6 December 2009


I am currently reading this book for my research?development part of my project. The book features images of homemade contraptions and tools made during the height of the soviet union. The objects aesthetically are not very pleasing but they are some of the best examples of product design because the creators have identified a need and addressed it with a simple but efficient outcome. What really appeals to me about this book is the conditions that these folk artifacts have been created conditions like poverty lack of resources, conditions that survivors of a disaster might face.

Thursday 26 November 2009


For further research for my project i am looking at varying materials that have suitable properties for my intended out come. Copper is a material that has come to my attention recently whilst watching a documentary about the Dead Sea Scrolls. One part of this ancient hebrew texts found was a scroll of religious text made entirely out of copper. This material is soft enough that any person can simply engrave what they want onto it which is why it caught my attention. Also it protects itself from corrosion much like aluminum and as material cost goes it is not to expensive. I hope to post images of experiments with copper.

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Got the love?

Above is the video i promised to post of the probe pack being done. Yes i know it is me carrying out the task that is simply because i was unable to find anyone to participate in my probe because i have been busy with with training for my new job.


Thursday 12 November 2009

Give Steve an A

Above is my latest video to research weather or not a person can be told how to cook using only
visual instruction ( pictograms) enjoy.


Above is a photo of a probe pack to aid the next person in my research videos. The pack contains strictly visual instructions on how to create basic hunting tools based on examples of prison shanks (crafty knives) normally these weapons are used for...well murders but its the actual craftsmanship that appeals to me these weapons are created under limited resources and there need is great. These needs are the same needs that my concept must address. Perhalps these objects could be altered to be used as hunting tools.

Video up ASAP.

Friday 6 November 2009


This is a corrugated steel fallout shelter from 1962. This shelter can supposedly protect its inhabitants from a nuclear holocaust...hmm these shelters would have come in kits costing $150 in materials. What interests me that by todays standards this all seems OTT (over the top) however in 1962/63 nuclear disaster was not a far fetched possibility. It gives me hope for my potential concept that i am not over reacting to the possibilities of a climate change disaster.

Thursday 5 November 2009


Above are images of the World War 2 German observation bunkers located on the French coast. What always attracted me to these structures are the sense of purpose they have. These structures were created for the German armies worst case scenario the allies invasion of France it is this fear that drove the bunkers designers to create structure that can last. I can really relate to this sense of purpose that these bunkers have and i hop that my final outcome can carry the same sense of purpose.

Tuesday 3 November 2009


Above is the first of two videos of myself creating my own shelter in the woodlands surrounding Gray's. I found the experience achievable but still difficult at times especially
cutting branches with an axe. I hope to get the second part of the video done soon however the
river is still high, DAMN CLIMATE CHANGE!

Sunday 1 November 2009

How do records work

For research i am looking at the many existing methods that we use for storing information. This post is about explaining as simply as possible how a record works so here goes... Sound is made of waves, these waves are cut into records as grooves. Based on the amplitude and frequency, the groove changes. A needle runs in this groove and transfers the vibrations to a diaphragm. From here a preamp picks up the sound and amplifies it to a level that is reasonable for the stereo to reproduce. The stereo amplifies this signal to whatever volume your choose. 

Friday 30 October 2009

Nick Weston

Nick Weston is a man who has decided to become truly self sufficient by living in a tree house...yep... thats about it, however when looking at Nicks amazingly detailed blog i was really impressed with the amount of skills he had developed in his time away from civilization. His attempt at self sufficiency is inspiring and has motavated me more to creating my makeshift shelter and stove.

Nicks Blog

Wednesday 28 October 2009

Into the Wild

For my research into the preservation of skills i am setting myself a task to boil an egg without using any electronic items to both find out how to boil an egg and how to create a fire. I have started the task of living in the woods and the makeshift shelter is nearly done, fingers crossed i can get the fire making technique mastered. I will get the video posted ASAP.

Wednesday 21 October 2009

Twilight Zone

I have been watching an episode of the Twilight Zone where a businessman makes a pact with the Devil, which allows him to go back in time so that he can capitalize off of his knowledge about the future. It turns out though that the businessman’s knowledge about the future is all superficial and thus he is unable to jump start any technological advancements by traveling back in time. This would likely be the plight of most contemporary humans if they were sent back in time. While we rely greatly on technology, most of us don’t know much about how it actually works and where the materials to make it come from.

If you were to travel 2000 years into the past, how useful would you be in jumpstarting civilisation? This episode has got me thinking about how skilled we really are.

Tuesday 20 October 2009


After looking at instructional pictograms i have decided to post about probably one of the most famous Graphic designers in the world Otl Aicher. Aicher is famous for the Munich olympic pictograms and more importantly the sign that helps to know where to go do our er...hmm business. What i like about pictograms is how they can so simply explain lots of information.


I have just had delivered a US army emergency ration pack. I bought this pack because of its pictograms on the packet describing how to cook the meals inside. What i really like about the pictographs is how descriptive they are and how few words are used to describe the process. It has got me thinking about how information is decrypted and that maybe a visual language would be better in a post disaster world.

Monday 19 October 2009


I am looking at skill and the gap between the public and the skills that enable our existence. The best example i can think of is the supermarket. When we need bread we go to the supermarket however we are oblivious to the skills that create bread. As a society have we become inept and unaware of what skills drive our society. I am writing up a questionnaire that asks "what skills define civilization"
I will post my findings soon.

Saturday 3 October 2009


The "Doomsday Vault," the seed bank on a remote island near the Arctic Ocean is considered the ultimate safety net for the world's seed collections, protecting them from a wide range of threats including war, natural disasters, lack of funding or simply poor agricultural management.
I find measures like these impressive but at the same time when you see scientist and great thinkers backing projects like this you cannot help but be afraid. As a designer i cannot stop thinking about the future and what we have to leave behind.

Friday 18 September 2009


Thinking about the preservation of important information relating to our generation of the human race has got me wondering about what is considered to be important. When i was first thinking about it texts like the Magna Carta or our system of law are what come to mind. However maybe what we should be preserving is something as simple as Soap...yep soap has played an important part in shaping our civilization. It was Sigmund Freud who said that "Soap is the yardstick of civilisation"


When thinking about artifacts and great relics what come to my head first is the Monolith from Arthur C Clarks  2001 A Space Odyssey. The mysterious obsidian black rectangle is a fictional artifact from an advanced alien race that store there knowledge of technology into the Monolith this artifact in the film meets man at a pivotal moment in our evolution and its the the Monolith that teaches us to use tools. My Idea for designed artifacts s similar in as much as maybe in two thousand or so years maybe my objects might help to re-educate mankind in some dystopian Mad Max like world.

Sunday 30 August 2009


Recent scientific studies are underway into understanding the plight facing Bees across the world. Millions of honey Bees worldwide are simply disappearing with little or no trace. Our hard working little friends have become affected with what scientists are calling CCD or Colony Collapse Disease. The problem facing the human population is the mass pollination of fruit bearing plants , bees do this task every day for free however in parts of china where Bees have been whipped out by pesticides humans have had to take over the duties of pollination costing governments billions of pounds and thousands of man hours.

It was Einstein who claimed that without Bees the Human race would have but only 4 years left.

The Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone is a Stone tablet that has inscribed on it three ancient languages. In 1814 it was translated by briton Thomas Young. The stone tells us of the rituals surrounding ancient Egyptian religious ceremonies. The tablet has given historians an insight into the workings of the high priest day to day life. I was always interested in the Rosetta Stone ever since my primary 4 school project on the Egyptians. It got me thinking about what objects we have left behind for whoever or what ever inherits our planet and do they really echo our thoughts and feeling at that time. Perhaps as a would be designer i could create objects that enable future generations a better glimpse into our world.

Sunday 26 July 2009

Reality Augmented

For a while i have been interested in Augmented reality and i have decided to look deeper into the new technology and the possibilities for its applications. Augmented reality is the overlaying of digital images or models on top of a real-world images. This method is far more immersive for the viewer than virtual reality which simply tries to create a total 3d realm.

More to post soon.

Wednesday 15 July 2009


Recently i have been looking into the old school 3d specs you used to get free with kids magazines. I have been looking at the possibilities you could have with signage and branding. However i am going to be looking more at polarized  3D imaging as this approach allows for full color. Il be posting more soon.

Thursday 9 July 2009

Felice Varini

Above is an image of one of Felice Varini's optical illusion masterpieces. I am looking at Varini's technique of perspective mastery as a possible method for my fourth year self Directed.

Friday 3 July 2009

Student I.D Concept

This is a concept i originally was thinking of for the NCR brief. It is basically a  SMS service concept for Robert Gordon University that sends each enrolling student a picture message student ID card this card will function like  its real world counterpart also the barcode on the SMS student ID can be scanned when taking out or returning library books.

Tuesday 30 June 2009


A book i picked up not long ago that i have started reading is the Wayfinding Handbook written by David Gibson. This book is really helping me understand the effect that signs have on humans navigating landscapes. I have taken alot from the book such as the effect that colour has on our perceptions of our environment. I also found interesting how the positioning of information around the viewer is critical in order not to overwhelm the viewer.

Sunday 21 June 2009


Tens of thousands of years ago early man was in touch with his environment from the lay of the land to what types of berries can kill and the locations best for hunting. This was all achieved through repetition, trial and error and subconsious learning. In todays modern world we rely on screens to tell us what to do and where to go. I hope to look into soloutions that can inform people about what there local suroundings have to offer but instead of usings tradtional signage and screens. As a designer and fan of subliminal learning i want to find ways of using what already exists and modifying it to subtly educate the viewer. For example maps of key tourist areas that are repeat patterns that adorn as many possible surfaces, hopefully the viewer will be absorbing this ambient information and benefiting from it.

Wednesday 17 June 2009

Subliminal Repetition

Looking at subliminal messaging and realising that by simply repeating a phrase or even graphics you can teach the viewer without the viewer feeling overwhelmed. What got me thinking about this method of learning was the observations of Native tribal populations and how they were so intune with thier environment in terms of there understanding of local botany and the terrain. Recently i was in London and trying to get to grips with the metro system was rather difficult however like all things after repetition you beging to learn the locations and stops. I wonder if through subliminal messaging and repetition in the urban environment populations can be more in tune with the area without feeling like they have to learn. Although the argument against will be "we already have t.v screens" and " what about posters!" i agree that they work but i fel that subliminal repetition could be more effective and more intrusive but at the same time less intrusive.

Tuesday 16 June 2009

Subliminal Messages

For my research for a pottential idea for fourth year i have been looking into Subliminal messaging as a carry on from looking at information. Subliminal messaging put simply is a way of encoding messages that carry meaning into advertising, surfaces or even products themselves. This information is processed subconciously and the viewer is often unaware of its effects. Often online you can find examples that feature the word SEX yes! the big nasty. The reason for this is sex often carries feelings of satisfaction and enjoyment that the viewer will apply to the brand or product. This all seems so powerfull and intrusive however it takes repetition over time to be conditioned. I believe that this technique could be used to apply messages that educate the viewer about issues relating to the product or even the state of world.
The example above is take from an Australian coke advert which features a tiny image hidden in the ice cubes. The erotic image i believe is used to associate feelings of enjoyment with coke, also the words "FEEL THE CURVES" fit perfectly with the image.

Tuesday 2 June 2009


I have started to look at GDP (gross domestic products) of nations. I have chosen to look at this because given the current economic worries that the public face perhalps visual data relating to economic issues such as the cost of oil, the cost of living even the cost of the actual product the potential decoration adorns would be a good choice. I am still pondering the many volumes of data that relate to our lives trying to weed out a key issue that affects many people but at the same time i need to remember that the issue must justify the outcome.

Monday 1 June 2009


Data Flow is a book i am currently reading to help me with possible fourth year ideas. The book is not a book for those who read alot (me) it is extremely visual but what little writting it has is very interesting the books author proposes a new approach to the display of data that relfects the issue at hand but at the same time becomes something that people want to view. Yes i did buy it for the pretty pictures however it has given me a glimpse at the possibilities of what designers can do to take important issues and translate them into something beautifull.

Who we are, what we were like

Leading on from the last post i have been looking at ancient Egyptian tomb art which gives us a detailed visual example of how ancient Egyptians used to live and thier customs. It got me thinking about how future generations hundreds or thousands of years from now will view our ways and customs. Perhalps as designers we must re-evaluate how we design objects. The idea im thinking about proposes that designed objects and environments should echo the current state of our world or the economy for example. So thousands of years later future generations can observe external factors from our time through our objects left behind.

Information Decoration

For a possible idea for my fourth year self directed project i am looking into Information visualisation. I wanted to look into the possible application of turning statistical information into something visual then creating something tangible. I want to see if information can be created into decoration that has a relevance to the product it adorns. I also find that this relevant decoration has striking simmilarities to hieroglyphs in the way they both echo tales of the objects story or use. My idea could possibly be statistical decoration that reflects the carbon impact of the object for example.

I will post back soon.

Thursday 28 May 2009


Above is an example of Hanks translation of a simple outline of a coat hanger. Hanks physical impairmaent mixed with is limited movement functions create interesting forms.

Tuesday 26 May 2009


Above are images of one of my robotic assistants Hank. Hank is one of my first designs he is a simple robot running of a basic line follower program. Hanks task is to try and mimic to the best of his ability the transition Baroque images i created using Flash. Hank uses a Infrared sensor located at the front to follow a simple black line. Attached to Hank is a pen that will track his movements. I hope to see how Hank translates his basic interpretation of these patterns into his line drawing of the form, hanks physical handicap will also limit how he can mimic these patterns. Hank will be doing the best with what he has been given.

Results of the drawings will be posted soon.

Friday 22 May 2009


For potential ideas for my 4th year self directed project im looking at machine and robotics and how machines and robots interpret man made decorative design and how they may try to replicate it. It's sort of a continuation of my 3rd year self directed project. At the moment im learning how to programe LEGO NXT which is a basic but at the same time a complex robot making kit that gives ordinary LEGO a brain the ability to see, hear and touch.

I will post back the results soon.

Wednesday 6 May 2009

Israel is drying up

This is an advert from the Israeli government aimed at highlighting the issue of the growing water shortages in the country. I posted it however because of the excellent use of celebrities and the use of CGI i feel that it is extremely powerful and slightly disturbing.


Friday 1 May 2009

Self Directed (Rethinking Baroque)

Above is a sample of the pattern i am currently having printed onto fabric. The idea was to see if the computer translations of Baroque florals can still pass for decoration. I hope to have the final fabric print ASAP!

Thursday 30 April 2009

Self Directed (Real world/2D3D)

Above are images of my rendered rhino models of the socket cover which i have edited and projected onto the wall next to real world socket. By playing about with the perspectives i managed to get the 2d projection to appear 3d. I like the result of something truly digital from conception remaining digital but passing off as near real world. This aspect ties in with my idea of remaking the handmade using digital methods such as flash, illustrator, Rhino and rapid prototyping systems. I intent to use the flash transition images to create digitally printed fabric. Taking a digital image animating it to grow then  freezing that growth taking the form turning it into 3d or creating a digital pattern then using a computer system to print that pattern onto fabric this method encapsulates remaking the handmade.

Wednesday 29 April 2009

Self Directed (Rhino Mockups)

Above are some rendered rhino mock ups of potential outcomes. The form i have extruded is the shapes i received from the transitions found in my flash video earlier in the project. The idea behind these mock ups is that they are meant to appear as if they are growing off the surface they reside on.

Self Directed (Tactile Decoration)

For my final concept for decorative baby proofing i want to create an object that protects a child from harming his or herself, but i also want to create an object that can be welcoming. I know it sounds ridiculous but decoration or ornate fixture are often to children made out to be forbidden and that they should never touch them. For my final concept i have chosen to look at silicone, Latex and foam rubber for the final material. I want my decorative products to be grabbed twisted and chewed on if need be. I hope to create decorative practical objects that want to be touched and that perhaps attract the children not to the things the objects conceal but to the object itself.

Monday 27 April 2009


Above is an image of the company logo i made for our groups business module. The business is a fresh fruit drinks company the idea of freshness is what inspired the logo. I wanted to create a logo that was young and going against the grain hence the graffiti/tag feel. I am extremely happy with the outcome. I know its a fake business but i just thought id post it so you fine folks can take a gander.

Thursday 23 April 2009

Self Directed (Decoration, application and object)

Above is a quick video i made using stop motion photography. The video was a way of visualizing the growth of basic decoration in this case lego. I have chose the corner of my desk which is an area of importance in my project for the baby proofing. I used lego because of its links with children but more importantly i needed to do this in the real world without using flash.

Music by Graham Coxon.

Self Directed (Areas of importance)

Above are images of the key areas in the household that i want to focus on improving aesthetically the already existing baby proofing products targeted at these key area. I have also chosen these areas because the existing methods of baby proofing in my opinion although practical are not pleasing to the eye and do not elevate the object they are placed on.
I aim to try and solve these problems whilst at the same time finding a way to keep the baby proofing tools decorative and pleasing to the eye.