Thursday 11 December 2008

PONOKO development

I recreated an Islamic prayer rug using a projector. Above are some images of the results. I hope for my final out come to re-create a similar result using only daylight.

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Steph said...

Cool. I like your idea. Have you ever watched them pray? Did you know that muslims have to pray in a certain direction. They always have to face their main church place (sorry forgot the name of their church). One of my old flatmates was a muslim and she told me a lot about her religion. Maybe you could try fixing in a compass switch. I've only seen a compass switch once and it was in a radio. You tunned your radio by rotating the radio. With yours in would be really cool that when you switched the product on the mat was set up in the right direction. Pretty sure it's possible. We have to do electronic stuff like this in mechanical engineering i.e. how environmental conditions make an input!