Friday 19 December 2008

Press & Journal

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I put up this post about IKEA home planning service as a reminder of current web applications that IKEA offers its customers. As i am considering a web application as a concept i thought it important to observe already existing services.

Thursday 18 December 2008


I had to put up this video of a family trying to get the Christmas tree in the car. I must not over look whilst researching and developing my concept the will of man to over come and succeed.
As alexander the great (Man) said " Fortune favours the bold"


This video is a time lapse video of a LEGO construction. I selected it as research because of its relevance to speed and actual forming of one main object from many smaller objects. These issues are extremely important and i need to keep them in mind when thinking about how the service will be displayed to the user and how the user will interact (U.I).


This video i found on Youtube about proper packing of books in boxes. This type of packing know how is just what i am needing for my research. What i like best is by alternating the books you can increase the amount you can fit into the box. That type of flexibility is critical and i must be aware of throughout my conceptualization.


For research into the problems we face when packing the car i decided to re-create  a car packing scenario i faced on a visit to IKEA. Above are images of the research i carried out.

Monday 15 December 2008


For research for my NCR project I have decided to create a probe pack. In this pack i have placed 11 different LEGO blocks and i want each person to create as many combinations as possible. In total i have had 70+ combinations. The things i have found most important are that each block combination is unique to that person each has a separate context/scenario. Its this individuality that each combination has that my service will have to cater to and i must keep this uniqueness in mind throughout my conceptualization. Above are some of these unique LEGO combinations.  

Thursday 11 December 2008

PONOKO development

Above are images of an Islamic art pattern that i carved out of card. The results i hoped to get from this set up was to see if i could recreate religious art using only shadows. I am pleased with the out come.

PONOKO development

I recreated an Islamic prayer rug using a projector. Above are some images of the results. I hope for my final out come to re-create a similar result using only daylight.

PONOKO research Fractals

Fractals are infinitely repeating patterns that exist within each pattern. The video above is an example of a mandelbrot a pattern that repeats itself continuously. This type of patterns can be found in nature from the snowflake to the image above of a cauliflower sprout. This mathematical precision has the same characteristics of Islamic artwork.

Thanks Steph.

Wednesday 10 December 2008

PONOKO research

Muslims must pray at least 5 times a day

The ritual (Salaat) must be a clean act

Tuesday 9 December 2008

PONOKO research

Repeating patterns demonstrate that in the small you can find the infinite... a single element of the pattern implies the infinite total. The patterns are a way of decorating without depicting living things.