Tuesday 19 August 2008

Audi stroller concept

These concept sketches are from the stroller project our group was given at university. This concept is a saddle seat stroller for a disabled child. The saddle seat allows for spinal re-correction giving even a person that sits all day the same posture as that of an active person. This concept is a cantilever design allowing for suspension. The underbelly holds a bulbous cocoon like storage and the handle is designed to retract into the stroller allowing for ease of storage.


Just found out that some of my work was featured in the latest edition of the Snafu magazine.

Tuesday 12 August 2008

London 2012

I like many others have been caught up in the olympics lately. For a while i have had an idea about some way of combining USB with the ticketing system. This is just a photoshop mockup i made of a possibility. The memory stick will contain details about the 2012 games and a detailed map of London which will feature transport, hotels, tolets and restaurant etc...

Monday 11 August 2008


Making new things from old things. A lamp i created from a paper cup. I simply embedded an LED bulb in the cap and.... Steve made light and it was good.


The above works are not mine just research! however i am currently looking into traditional methods of japanese packaging. Simply using bamboo,paper and string the japanese have managed to create amazing forms of packaging for every day items including food. These methods of packaging could help eliminate waste and reduce cost on products.

Remember waste not want not!


One of my favorite paper cup concepts from my Waste Aware project .


These are Photoshop mock ups of an idea i have had for a while. Basically its just a new design of the bandage that hopefully would let the user wear it with pride rather than cover up.


 Ahoy-hoy was originally used on ships but later used by Alexander graham bell when he    answered the phone for the first time  as no one knew exactly what should be said when answering a phone.

Waste Aware

. Over 64 billion paper cups are disposed of each year.

. Over 6 million trees are cut down every year in America to produce paper cups.

That is why for my waste aware project i chose to find new ways of using paper cups or better yet ways of stopping the user from throwing it away.